The Roundabout Watercrafts Advantage

Roundabout Watercrafts offers you an awesome new one man fishing boat to target freshwater or saltwater fish, for hunting your favorite waterfowl, or simply taking a leisurely cruise. You now have the advantage of jumping from pond to pond, lake to lake, or bay to bay with ease; whatever it is that “floats your boat,” Roundabout Watercrafts will take you there, anywhere, anytime!

Travel safely with a 360° radius and a great vantage point to see your surroundings in a revolutionary, comfortable setting on our small one-man boat. Regardless of which way the wind blows, the Roundabout Watercraft allows you to change your position to continue fishing or hunting the same spot with no distractions. Just a swivel of your seat puts you back into position for whatever comes your way, so you don’t miss that once in a lifetime catch, or those new birds flying your way.

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Round Boats vs Other One Man Boats

This is a marble colored round boat sitting on a round boat trailer in a driveway
A fisherman catching bait in a round boat
This is a top view of a slate colored round boat with white trim sitting on the shore

Compared to other one-man boats, the Roundabout Watercraft has some distinct advantages:

  • The time tested design is based off of the ancient coracle, a small, one-man boat in use for thousands of years
  • It’s surprisingly stable, maneuverable, comfortable, and spacious
  • The Roundabout Watercraft is small and lightweight, yet very durable
  • It has plenty of storage for all your gear, plus a spacious deck space to move around on
  • The Roundabout Watercraft is cost effective, no fuel is required
  • It’s very easy to launch, load, operate, transport, and store with only one person
  • Explore places you can’t access in other watercrafts

Specifications on the Roundabout:

  • 72″ in diameter
  • 75″ from tip of bow to stearn
  • Weight 110lbs
  • Capacity 674lbs
  • 3 storage compartments  10.5″D x 25″L x 10″W
  • 1 Battery Storage 10.5″D x 16.5″L x 10″W
  • 3″ Gunwale width 6″ height
  • 20.5″ Total Height

Are you ready to experience the freedom that Roundabout Watercrafts offer?

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