Boat with 2 Seat Upgrade | Trolling Motor | Dolly


The Sport RWC or Woodsman Boat Boat with Seat, Trolling Motor, and Dolly Package. Choose an option to see your color choice.


Roundabout Boat with 2 Seat Upgrade | Trolling Motor | Dolly


Complete Roundabout hull with hatches, cleats, aluminum transom plate, ¾” pedestal pin mount, hinges.

2 Seat Upgrade, and a Minn-Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor


The RWC Dolly is an aluminum lightweight frame that acts like a small trailer for the Roundabout. The dolly allows you to winch the boat up and down and when you are down with the dolly the frame will breakdown and fit into the storage units and the back wheels will fit into the bracket for the trolling motor and hang off the back of the boat out of the way. The dolly gives you the opportunity to take the Roundabout just about anywhere. As we like to say, Get Anywhere, Anytime!

Boat Specs

Width 72″
Length 75″ from stern to the tip of the bow
Weight 110lbs (not including accessories)
Weight Capacity 674lbs (before gear)
Coast Guard Rated for 2 people
3 Storage compartments
1 Battery Storage Compartment
3/4″ Pin Pedestal mount
4 molded in cupholders
4 molded in Rod Holders
3 – 4″ Nylon Cleats
Brass insert on the bow for eyebolt
Fits into a back of a pickup
We do offer a trailer for it

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Additional information


Woodsman Camo, Sport RWC Blue, Sport RWC Pink, Sport RWC Sandstone, Sport RWC Marble, Sport RWC Slate (Grey), Sport RWC Moss Granite


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