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Small Hunting Boats

By July 30, 2018Hunting
The woodsman hunting boat close up view on the water

Roundabout’s round boats aren’t revolutionary, they’re made from an ancient technology. Bronze Age examples of this traditional design have been unearthed throughout Europe. It’s even said that Julius Ceaser remarked, during his campaign against Britain, on the versatility of these swift little watercraft. These boats are sportsman approved – Roundabout Watercrafts was conceived with the hunter and angler in mind. It’s said that these round watercraft are some of the most versatile boats on the market. They can be popped into the pond or placed atop the brine. Hunters in particular love the small footprint, ease of transport, and the blind capabilities of the Woodsman.

Earliest found examples of Coracle-like vessels were made of wicker. However, the Roundabout is made from modern durable materials and possesses enough storage for the hunter or angler. Decoys or tackle are easily stowed below deck in one of the Roundabout’s 3 storage compartments. Moreover, you’ll be zipping through the marsh with the optional motor.

These Coracle-like watercraft utilize a shallow draft hull to hide among the Everglade’s reeds: hunters perch among the reeds to bag prized waterfowl. Atop the inshore, anglers reel-in fish with ease – the Roundabout offers an unparalleled 360 degree access. However, it’s not just anglers who benefit from the Roundabout’s unique round shape, waterfowlers and even ornithologists benefit from the panoramic view – without a bluff between the sportsman and the elements, the Roundabout offers an obstruction free outdoor experience.

Waterfowlers find it easier to place decoys in shallow ponds or among unexplored grasslands in these crafts. Moreover, sportsmen relish in the ability to maintenance the remotest of hunting-blinds that are only accessible via light watercraft.

These intrepid little boats can’t be beat! Their virtue is versatility. This boat goes where other can’t. It’s lightweight and fits in the bed of a small truck.


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