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Small Round Fishing Boats

By January 6, 2019April 26th, 2023Boating
An angler holding a freshly caught bass on the deck of a round boat

Small Round Fishing Boats for every Fisherman!

Every angler has a dream fishing boat they are looking for. The different platforms available make up a long list. Within those platform options, an endless array of designs exist. Some of these fishing boat platforms are:

  • Offshore Boats
  • Bay Boats
  • Flats Boats
  • One/Two Man Boats
  • Kayaks

At Roundabout Watercraft’s we took a modern take on a historical style of fishing boat, the coracle. This coracle based design allows for easy transport, fishing in tight spots, the ability to easily work the full 360 degrees around the boat, traversing the shallowest of waters, and complete storage solutions for one or two anglers plus all of their gear.


Click here for specs and info.

Small Fishing Boats

For a large group of fishing boat shoppers looking for a small one or two man platform is an ever-popular option. Learn about our small fishing boats.

two roundabout watercrafts, the ultraskiff alternative, sitting on the shoreline. One is blue, one is a brown color.

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Angler with a freshly caught snook in a round boat

Roundabout Watercraft's Fishing Boats

Easy Transport

The Roundabout Watercraft's fishing boat is one of the easiest to transport.

360 Fishability

Fish 360 degrees around the boat like no other platform can provide.

Fishing In The Roundabout Watercraft

The biggest questions are related to the unique characteristics of this coracle based watercraft. Coracle’s themselves have been around for the ages, but these modern-day coracles add tech and function for today’s anglers.

Click here for more information on our Small Round Fishing Boats!

Angler casting a fishing rod from the deck of the round boat

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