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The roundabout watercraft was exactly what I was looking for combining the portability and accessibility of a kayak with the stability and functionality of a small skiff. The stability the boat allows you to focus more on fishing and less on not falling into the water providing one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences I’ve ever had on a small watercraft.

I just recently purchased the Roundabout watercraft. It is so freaking awesome. I love the 4 large storage hatches. The storage hatches are large enough for me to store all my tackle and battery and the large circular deck where you can stand up with a ease. After catching large redfish we came into some bad weather. The roundabout soared though the chop like a knife slicing butter. Very awesome as for me I was a kayak fisherman for years been soaked several times but I stayed dry the whole time in the Roundabout.

Purchasing was awesome I purchased the craft though the new finance program that was great and had great monthly rates. Todd was extremely awesome when I needed any questions within minutes he responded to all my emails and messages.

ALL around best thing I ever brought for myself and son. Dont second guess it.

Boat is fantastic and customer service is over the top good. I did not want a boat the needed a trailer and this fit the bill. I use a standard hitch rack and a few tie straps.... Piece of cake

Best boat I’ve owned. Added a trailer light kit to the hitch carrier since the boat covered most of the brake lights on my car.

I have had many boats in my last 20 years of fishing. My Roundabout is the best. I put on one seat or two, and have a ball. Best Buy on the Market. I can fish circles around those small square boats. No pun intended. Get your's today. You will never regret it.

The maneuverability is amazing, but what really impressed me is the stability! Because it is round, I can easily step onto the deck at any point from the shoreline or dock, without any fear of tipping over, which I can't do with my kayak

We absolutely love our sandstone roundabout with the 2 seat conversion!!! Bought it as a Christmas present for my fiancé and she adores this thing. Perfect for the skinny water we have here in Hampton Roads area of VA. This company is top notch. We have asked several questions and got a prompt and expert response. WE LOVE ROUNDABOUT!!! Highly recommend this amazing company and product.

Couldn't be happier, looks great, rides great, lots of storage and best of all it catches fish!

I love it it's great for the kind of fishing I like to do Thanks Todd great guy

Bought my big blue baby bout a year ago and still awesome! And very durable. I just ordered the trailer for it today! Super excited!!!!

I love this boat great for small Lakes and backwoods ponds

Received my roundabout boat and I must say that I was totally excited when I seen it. Everything was neatly packed. Todd is the best person I have ever dealt with. Had problems with the shipping company and he got right on it. Kept me well informed. A big THANKS goes out to Todd and his people. Looking forward to getting it into the water now.

Talk about fun, from the moment I stepped foot on this boat, I could not stop smiling. Very Stable and comfortable to sit in all day. Plenty of storage with the 3 compartments and another large compartment for my battery.

Fishing in a Roundabout is like fishing in your favorite chair in your living room. You can get into tight and shallow spots you could never get into with a traditional fishing boat. Very stable and easy to use

This is an awesome all around one man boat. For quick trips to my local lakes instead of having to hook up to the big boat I can load the Roundabout in the back of my truck and off I go. It's sturdy enough I can throw my cast net for bait off of and I don't have
to worry about other boaters wetting me or flipping me over while on the water.

Luke and I were a bit skeptical of how this “round boat” would ride, especially how well it would track (considering it is round). But we were more than surprised with how well it tracked straight with little to no effort on the part of the driver. While at the same time, it could still turn on a dime when you wanted it to.

For instance, I was in a second Roundabout boat filming the footage below, and I had no problem filming, paying attention to Luke in the shot, and keeping the boat going straight. (Read More)

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