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Duck Hunting Basics

By July 19, 2018Hunting
There is a waterfowl hunter sitting in a hunting blind on the deck of this hunting boat.

Duck hunting is a time of reflection.

The path to becoming an expert Duckfowler is laden with tribulations. The beginner may feel overwhelmed aboard his new hunting boat, but a few basic tools will help the potential hunter along the way.

A hunter of just dem der ducks, man

Ducks don’t answer phones, but they respond to calls. It’s said that when ducks flock to the call, the hunter feels like a duck whisperer, but when the hunter’s call frightens the flying fowl, it’s time to find a new hobby. Beginners most often frighten ducks away by over blowing the call, for this reason, it’s essential to practice the correct call.


Duck calling is an art, much like playing a horn. The hunter must know what to do and what not to do. A chief concern among Duckfolwers is dynamic. The Duckfowler must learn how loud or soft to blow the call, much like a Bugelist. However, there exists a myriad of ways to learn the art of duck calling. Instructional videos are the most convenient way to learn. Watching masters on Youtube will assist the Duck Hunter in perfecting a call that attracts a prized Mallard. Moreover, master Duckfowlers often take novices under their tutelage.

Every job requires the correct tool. Finding the right firearm is essential to becoming a master Duckfowler. The most commonly used firearm for duck hunting is the 12-gauge shotgun, however, it’s suggested that novices try their hand at a less powerful alternative, the 20-gauge shotgun. The 20-gauge is a less powerful firearm that allows for better control for a novice user. Whether the duck hunter relies on an automatic or pump action shotgun is a matter of choice.

waterfowl hunting with the woodsmanDecoys are essential to duck hunting. The duck hunters doesn’t need to splurge on an expensive decoy. Decoys can be very expensive, but they don’t need to be – a $30 decoy is said to attract just as many ducks. Additionally, motion is an important quality in a decoy. A desirable decoy mimics the behavior of waterfowl. A duck, in its natural habitat isn’t immobile, it flaps atop the lake.

Duck hunting is akin to reaching a state of Zen. It’s not the kill, but time afield. “The magic visitation of ducks from the sky to a set of bobbing blocks holds more of beauty and heart-pounding thrill than I have ever experienced afield with rod or gun,” states a Duckfowler on


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