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Packing Light for a Day of Fishing

By September 5, 2017Fishing
A fisherman driving the Roundabot Watercrafts round boat away from the shoreline with an electric trolling motor.

When it’s time to get ready for a fishing trip, do you dread having to get all your gear together and ready? Do you procrastinate until you’re fumbling around in the dark during the morning of and inevitably forget something? What if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way? What if I told you that sometimes, bringing less is more? Well that’s what I’m here doing. I’m going to give you some insight on why packing light for a day of fishing actually leads to a better quality trip, so listen up.

So what does it mean to pack light? That may mean several different things to different people. For me, packing light means less tackle and less bells and whistles. Keep it simple. Let’s start with tackle. Are you one of those guys, or gals, that bring the kitchen sink when it’s time to head out for just a few hours of fishing? If so, I’m here to tell you that you may want to rethink bringing both of those tackle boxes and bag of soft plastics. Get yourself a couple of those clear Plano boxes and select a few of your favorite lures. Throw a topwater in there, a few jigheads, a spoon, a handful of different colored soft plastics, or whatever you’re into fishing with and call it good. This will cut down on your decision time when the fish don’t seem to want what you’re throwing and can even, just maybe, make you a better angler.

Why? Well, you’ll only be equipped with a handful of baits, so you’ll be forced to use what’s available and make it work. Slow it down, speed it up, let it sit, etc. Find out HOW your lures work by using different methods. And what’s with having six rods on your boat? Cut back on the rods and use your knot tying skills to swap out lures. Without all those lures, you won’t be retying as much anyway. Besides, we all know you could use the practice.

Also, try leaving all the electronics at home from time to time; including your fishfinder. Leave the GoPros, and batteries, and cameras. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out and not worry about documenting your trip. Get out and take it all in and relax. This, too, may make you a better angler.

And speaking of relaxing, packing light will help with the stress of having to get things together the night before. So there you have it, a simple solution to overpacking for a day of fishing. Lighten your load and you may find yourself becoming a better angler by doing so. What do you have to lose?


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