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Summer Bassin’

By June 27, 2018July 5th, 2018Fishing

Fish, in many ways, are like the seasons: they follow predictable patterns. To catch Summer Bass, you must become attuned to the creature’s Summer behaviors.

Often, anglers become discouraged during the warm Summer months. Many erroneously believe Bass don’t bite during the Dog Days of Summer. However, the angler must become attuned to Bass’s natural patterns, much like a Horticulturist knows his plants and the seasons. An angler, at, stated “Summer is the most predictable of all the seasons [for catching Bass], and Bass patterns are the most stable. On the bad side, bass can become lethargic and difficult to catch at times.” Summer Bass may not leap from the waters, but you can catch more than a few.

Bass migrate to deep protected beds once the water reaches fifty-five degrees to begin their complex spawning ritual. According to, after spawning, Bass fall into one of two categories: Ambush Feeders or Schoolers. It’s said that Ambush Feeders are the loners of the Fish Kingdom, these stout fish reside in one place until the area’s food supply no longer meets their needs. Ambush Feeders depend on short bursts of energy to ambush prey. Schoolers group together and feed as an amorphous mass. These Bass tend to be longer and more slender than Ambush Feeders. Locating Schools of Bass or an Ambush Feeder’s lair is key to reeling-in Summer Bass. This takes patience and greater time afloat on the water. Those who take the time to locate an Ambush Feeder are rewarded with a hefty Bass!

Deep waters often equal Summer Bass. It’s said “think Summer Bass; think deep.” According to, during the cooler months, when water temperatures remain below fifty, Bass school among shallow waters, but migrate to deep water, during Summer. Bass are often visible in shallow waters but seem to vanish into 12-foot water during Summer. One angler, at, suggests that Summer is “where all that expensive fishing gear pays off.” Sonar aids the fisherman in finding schools of Bass hiding among the deep murky waters.

Moving water is a good sign for Summer Bass. Bass use currents in the water to feed. You’ll often find Bass swimming against the current. It takes little finesse to reel-in these fish, they’re on a feeding frenzy.

Becoming attuned to the Bass’s rituals will keep you reeling-in fish all Summer. Many anglers agree that Summer catches are more often dramatic; post spawning Bass put up a fight!

During Summer it’s time for the serious angler to dust off the expensive equipment and put it to the test. Yet, spending time afloat awaiting Bass to bite has a meditative quality, if you decide to leave the expensive equipment in the closet.


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