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Top 3 Redfish Lures

By September 11, 2018Fishing

Preface: I actually have my own opinion about what can be used to catch basically every inshore targeted species of fish here, but for this one – we scoured the interwebs for a different point of view.

Top 3 Redfish Lures (a different point of view)

Florida is home to an unfathomable number of Redfish. These fish school among the deep waters, reefs and inshore tidal pools, depending on the season. Although Redfish are plentiful in Florida’s waters, anglers often wonder which lure to deploy to reel-in the harvest.

There are a number of lures on the market, and in general, knowing where to target Redfish is key to reeling-in Florida’s harvest, however, a few manufacturers have, over the years, created novel methods of attracting the attention of hefty Redfish. A lot of anglers agree that lures that emit sound or vibrate tend to attract Redfish.

1. Live Target’s Rigged Shrimp

Live Target’s Rigged Shrimp is among the best artificial lures for reeling-in Redfish. Fish aren’t aware that these Crustacean mimics are fabricated of plastic; they’re a realistic facsimile. These lures possess a small percussive device that emits a minute clicking sound, Redfish associate this sound with their prey and pounces on the lure. The lure comes in a variety of colors, however, white shrimp, brown shrimp and grass shrimp are favorites for reeling-in Gulf Coast Redfish. Almost every cast receives a hit with Live Target’s Rigged Shrimp lure.

2. Egret’s Wedgetail Mullet

Egret’s Wedgetail Mullet is a Redfish assassin. This lure possesses a tail wedge that vibrates as it sinks. This vibration entices the Redfish, even when not hungry, to take the bait. The angler is almost guaranteed a hit with this soft plastic swimbait, especially when paired with a jig head or swimbait hook. This 5 1/2 inch lure resembles the Mullet – a favorite snack for a Bull Redfish. Deploy this lure in clear deep waters and reap the harvest.

3. Johnson Silver’s Minnow

Johnson Silver’s Minnow remains among the most popular lures for reeling-in Redfish. This lure works exceptionally well among grass beds and oyster bars. It’s been said that “if you can’t catch a Redfish with this lure, you might as well give up fishing.” The 1/2 ounce lure allows for long casts and fast sinks. Redfish most often bite on the sink and this lure emits a dazzle that can’t be ignored, as it plunges towards the ocean floor.

There is much debate about the best lure for attracting Redfish, and anglers have had success with almost every lure on the market, to some degree, but those lures that mimic the Redfish’s prey tend to most often get a hit. Moreover, location plays a role in the game. The angler must know where to target Redfish.


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