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Transporting Your Roundabout Watercraft | With Video

By July 6, 2017Tips and Tricks
This is the woodsman hunting boat at a boat ramp sitting on a trailer.

We here at Roundabout Watercrafts talk of the extremely easy transportability with our line of round boats. Upon first (in person) glance of the various models of Roundabout Watercraft it may seem like a daunting task. But this article will shed a little light on all the methods we have deployed in moving and transporting these modern day coracle’s.

1. General Transport


This video shows how easy moving the Roundabout can be with a simple dolly, rolling, and then loading into your vehicle. Dolley’s are very affordable and, as you can see in the video, a pro tip would be to make a small mat and crossbar addition to the dolley – if you wanted to make it a dedicated Roundabout Round the House Hauler.

2. Truck Loading in Detail


Loading in the back of your pickup truck is probably the most used transport method by Roundabout Watercrafts Owners. Here you can see that loading vertically into the bed allows for an easy roll into the center with a ratchet strap used to pull the boat snug towards the cab. But loading vertically will also allow the truck to carry two Roundabout’s at the same time- side by side.

3. The Hitch Carrier


Roundabouts Hitch Carrier system is a custom made carrier that makes vehicle loading even easier. This gives you a much lower position on the vehicle for lifting the boat into position (vs. a truck bed). The carrier also has a center point for securing the Roundabout once loaded, making the overall process seamless and easy. Best of all, the carrier is made from aluminum which not only makes it salt corrosion free, it makes it extremely light- So install and removal of the carrier is a breeze.

4. The Trailer


The Roundabout trailer is another custom fabricated option brought to you by Roundabout Watercraft’s. The trailer is probably the best overall transport and home storage system for these small boats, much like a traditional boat would be.These trailers are super easy to use, are again made out of salt safe aluminum, and are extremely light. They are so light in fact, check out this video of a hand launch from the trailer without a boat ramp!



As you can see here, there are many methods for transporting and loading your Roundabout Watercraft. This includes everything from the simplest of DIY methods to our array of transportation products.

Have your own way that isn’t listed here, drop a comment below and let us know!


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